Kash was founded and is run by
BAFTA nominated documentary director simon alveranga and
award winning art director
philip k good.

WE have created TV, cinema commercials and online content for some of the world’s largest brands.


You need video content - we specialise in making the most watchable, entertaining and engaging content possible. With a little consultation we’ll bring our production knowledge to bear on your goals and deliver films rooted in your DNA, designed specifically to resonate with your audience.

We pride ourselves on our craft and we ensure all our work reflects this. With so much video in the world it's important to cut through with quality and consideration. Every shot is an opportunity to communicate something so we don't waste a frame.
All of our work has the audience at its heart, telling your stories in the most enthralling, engaging and economic way possible.

We are passionate about what we do so why not let us bring that passion to your project. Give us a shout today.