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The value of a kiss

Simplicity in video storytelling is undervalued. 

Even complex ideas can be explained by finding a way to make them resonate with your audience. By breaking your concept down into its constituent parts and explaining those parts in as clear and simple a language as possible any subject can be made accessible. 

On a recent shoot I was interviewing Christian Grønvold, CTO of coBuilder. They’re a specialised software company creating datasets which allow everyone involved in the design, construction and management of a building to keep track of the parts used in it’s creation. It’s a huge undertaking. 

Christian explained their work involves managing huge amounts of information so they have to use the KISS (keep it simple stupid) maxim. 

This resonated with me as the film we're making has to make coBuilder’s mission accessible to a wider audience. The best way to get their message across was to keep it simple and allow the audience the space to draw their own conclusions. 

Earned knowledge has much more power than being told and your audience is always smarter than you think. 

A big influence on me was The Story of Light, a film that takes very complex information, breaks it down  and makes the parts accessible to all by relating them to concepts which resonate universally.