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Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone! This is the part of the year when I become highly aware of time itself. As another orbit of the sun is marked, our rush through the 4th dimension is put into sharp relief. Midnight inexorably careens past leaving you in the wake of a brand new year.

Renewal, change, growth are the order of the hour as everyone scrabbles to boast their prescience regarding what the year ahead will hold.  Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Video, Live Video and Personalised Video are all being discussed as major catalysts for the video consumption storm we are currently in the midsts of. 

However, out of all the Soothsaying my favourite piece comes from Benjamin Hubert writing for D and AD. The industrial designer considers how machine learning and AI will change the creative industries in 2018. He states:

"Machine learning and the opportunity for the devices around us to integrate more seamlessly and become partners to help us progress into the future is something that is very exciting for us."

The positivity of this view is inspiring. Of all the rapid change occurring in the world at the moment, machine learning is probably the most profound and pervasive. As more and more devices connect to the net and provide information about us, the more we can learn about ourselves. 

So as another cycle begins let's look forward to a New Year where we better understand ourselves and each other and use that knowledge to affect meaningful change in the world.