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Are you Content Marketing?

I’ve just watched a great documentary from the Content Marketing Institute that crystallised many of the thoughts and discussions we’ve been having around our office over the past few years. If you are doing or thinking of doing Content Marketing I strongly urge you to watch it.

Seth Godin said “Content Marketing is the only marketing left”

It’s a bold statement and the film really clarifies the nature of content marketing, raising the question of whether some brands are getting their content marketing right. Below are some points, inspired by the film, that I think define Content Marketing. I’ve chosen some that, in my experience, a lot of brands don’t quite get right. Content Marketing is about building lasting relationships with customers without talking about your products and services.You shouldn’t think in terms of tactics of how you’re going to do it.

Think about how you can use the personality of your organisation to emotionally engage with people.

The way to be authentic is to have a coherent core narrative.

The best way is to be the story.

It’s not just pretty pictures and films, you actually have to do something that matters to your audience.

There is no B2C or B2B, it’s just P2P. People talking to people. It’s not about your size or stature it’s about your mentality and culture.

And finally as a creative director of a content production company one that’s close to me heart….. Trust creatives to find an authentic way to show your brand. Don’t make it ugly by asking to have unnecessary product placement or logos in there.

Phil Good