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I just got back from a three-week break in Sri Lanka, travelling from Colombo up through the tea districts and down to a cinnamon plantation off the Southern coast will right most wrongs! I’d thoroughly recommend it, it’s a beautiful country! Taking pause when you’ve been working hard is important.

We all need to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Last quarter we were tasked by Kemosabe to fill two 4K screens with content for their client Cisco’s Live event in Berlin. 8000 pixels is an intimidating amount to fill at the best of times but how do you utilise archive footage shot at 1080 pixels to make a film to ‘blow away’ the audience? The answer: a 5.1 audio mix, judicious use of graphics, clever pixelation and a voice of God.

The final result was so good that when Cisco’s CEO watched it, he asked for it to be repurposed for the screens in the 5,000 seat arena and used to close the whole event! That certainly made all those late nights worth it and the break well deserved. Fully recharged and ready to go.


Phil Good