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The Sounds of Star Wars


Sound design is really important. It's something we always give a lot of attention to as demonstrated by this recent film we created for Bremont. In it, you can hear the sounds of Spitfires, jet engines and radio comms bringing the film depth and reinforcing the brand's aviation heritage. 

To get an idea of how intricate sound design can be it's worth watching the behind-the-scenes documentary 'The Force of Sound: Creating sound in a galaxy far, far away'. In it Skywalker Sound and LucasFilm give a real insight into the level of work and attention to detail they put into creating their trademark Star Wars sound. 

From the ominous hum of a lightsaber to BB8's rolling rattle - the sounds of the Star Wars universe are unmasked in this short documentary. It's definitely worth a look as it really demonstrates how deep it's possible to go with sound design and the level of engagement and complexity it can add.