The Opportunity


The proliferation of social media channels means anyone can grow an audience and communicate with them directly. This freedom equates to the power to shape your own story and build understanding by communicating your values, ideas and motivations to the world.




...comes at a price.

Content is transactional by nature: for people to engage they expect a return. Unrestricted by choice, your potential audiences can go where they want, so for your content to be heard people have to engage with it.





Is born from being entertaining, informative or surprising but you cannot guarantee it off the bat. You have to feel your way towards it through trial and error. This means frequency.

By regularly providing valuable, no strings attached content you’ll start to understand what your audience desires while building their trust which, although not immediately quantifiable, is highly bankable, paying dividends of loyalty and attention further down the line.


Our Aim


To revolutionise the way visual content is conceived and distributed.

The most engaging content is video but it’s expensive to produce with the kind of coordination, regularity and volume required to cut through the noise.

So rather than producing one marquee piece of video content, what if you could use the same budget to produce a suite of smaller content? Each piece related yet unique, delivered in impactful ways across time as well as space?

This is what Kash can do for you.





Your audience swims through an ocean of content, so by appearing across channels in a context relevant way your messages will stand much more chance of making an impression.

It's about using the variety of channels to your advantage, crafting persistent campaigns rooted in your ideology and with each piece of content plugging into your larger meta narrative.


Meta Narrative


This is the key.

By taking the time to understand who you are and what you want to communicate, it's possible to craft a meta-narrative that joins all your content together, thematically connecting each piece of video and actively encouraging your audience to seek out your messages.


For the launch of the Casio G-Shock Gulmaster watch we created a thought provoking documentary.

Rather than capturing the single moment of sport related action seen all too often, we focussed on the journey undertaken to achive those moments.

From the production we created a cloud of eight accompanying pieces of related content, all offering alternative perspectives on the adventure and expanding the narrative.


 The discussion we generated within surfing and sailing communities really resonated with the audience and offered a never before seen look into the trials of people who take their sport to the edge.


More than a teaser


We propose a smarter route. By creating a content cloud based around a central theme we can offer different perspectives and expand on your core narratives.   


All content should be unique.




The Content Cloud has a wide variety of real world uses, from ensuring video engages over time and multiple channels, to the amplification of big pieces of work in interesting and non repetitive ways.

Scalable video campaigns for any budget.


Happy Customers


"KASH have delivered excellent content from cinema advertising to documentaries, all of which have delivered great results against challenging targets.
I am delighted to recommend the services of KASH to anyone wishing to create engaging content and move their brand forward."

Tim  Gould - Head of Marketing - Casio


"We've been working with the Kash team for almost two years now, and the difference they've made to the way we bring our work to life has been seismic. Clients now seek us out for our film offer, and we've opened new channels of business that were once closed to us."

 Matt Swinson - The Source - M&C Saatchi